Access Codes

If you've been provided with access codes for RAIQC, here's how to use them. You may have been provided with multiple codes: an organisation code and then package codes too.

Organisation Code

The organisation code ensures that the correct content is displayed to you once you've registered to use the tool. It should be entered into the registration form. 

Once you've registered and signed in, you'll need to add packages to your account. 

Package Codes

All available packages are listed on the packages page, which you'll have access to once you've signed in. Some packages require a package code to access. Others can be added without. 

Packages without codes can be added to your account by clicking the 'Add Package' button. 

Packages requiring a code should have any that you've been provided with entered into the correct field before clicking the 'Add Package' button.


If you require further assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us at