Lines, Tubes and Devices on Chest X-ray Understand the appearances of common medical devices on chest radiographs

There is a litany of medical devices in use in modern medicine. These devices range from tubes providing vascular access to cardiac devices that deliver pacing to the chambers of the heart. Although it is not essential to know the many brands and subtypes of each device, understanding of the nature, correct position and potential complications is key to their safe insertion and use.

The chest X-ray (CXR) is a very common and widely accessible method in assessing the positioning of such devices, and is often the first line of investigation for assessment after device insertion. Many common and important complications associated with such devices can be demonstrated on CXR, making it an ideal tool for checking device status. Malpositioning can lead to device failure and cause significant morbidity and mortality, and complications can lead to rapid clinical deterioration.

The educational content provided in this package will introduce the purpose, safe positioning, and potential complications associated with many common devices seen on CXR. Build understanding and confidence in interpreting such CXRs through reporting real training cases and evidence knowledge by undertaking a timed interpretation assessment.

Example devices discussed in this package include airway management devices, vascular lines, pleural drains and cardiac conduction devices. A brief introduction to assessing nasogastric tubes on CXR is included, with our separate Nasogastric Tube on Chest X-ray package being available for those who assess that specific device in their practice.

Upon completion of these modules, reporting statistics are calculated, and certificates can be downloaded or shared to show your continuous professional development.

Key benefits:

  • Learn how to assess safe positioning of common medical devices on CXR and identify key associated complications.
  • Improve your image interpretation skills in a simulated environment
  • Prove your ability with dedicated assessment cases
  • Earn CPD points at your own pace

This package includes the following modules:

  • 1

    Lines, Tubes and Devices on CXR - Educational content

    Understand the appearances of common medical devices on CXRs

  • 1 25

    Lines, Tubes and Devices on CXR - Training cases

    Train to check the correct placement of devices, lines and tubes on CXRs

  • 1 25

    Lines, Tubes and Devices on CXR - Assessment cases

    Test yourself at determining lines, tubes and devices positioning on CXRs

Modules within this package can be completed in any order

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Package Summary

  • Lines, Tubes and Devices on Chest X-ray
  • Created 21 April, 2023
    Last updated 29 May, 2024 Apr 21
  • Module types included:

    • Educational content 1
    • Training 1
    • Assessment 1
  • Training and assessment cases 50
  • CPD points available 3