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RAIQC is a web-based platform that allows healthcare professionals, students and educators to review and report on diagnostic quality medical images in a secure online environment. Using over 3000 real-world clinical cases, RAIQC offers structured reporting study lists for training and assessment for individuals and healthcare providers across a range of imaging modalities and disease areas. The platform also provides hosting for clinical research and AI validation studies that require review of medical imaging.

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Healthcare Professionals

Enhance your medical image interpretation skills to increase the accuracy of your diagnoses and so improve patient care, while earning CPD/CME points.

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Provide medical image interpretation training using RAIQC’s real-world cases, simulating real-world practice for your trainees to accelerate their learning.

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Healthcare Providers

Upskill your workforce in accordance with national guidelines aimed at improving patient outcomes, while assessing your reporters' competencies.

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AI Developers

Validate your algorithm performance against expert ground truth and human readers to gain comprehensive evidence required for regulatory approval.


RAIQC can be accessed through any modern web-browser on any computer with an internet connection, requiring no additional software to be installed nor integration with a PACS system.

Our image viewer displays diagnostic quality images featuring tools as found on traditional reporting workstations including panning, zooming, scrolling, measuring, and windowing.

Educational Content

With content curated by world-renowned experts, RAIQC provides structured teaching, training, and assessment modules covering a wide range of abnormalities and diagnosis techniques.

follow-up recommendations
Chest X-Rays

This package explores common and important pathologies evident on chest X-rays. It explains how to interpret and identify cancer, infection, pneumothorax and other abnormalities offering comprehensive training followed by assessment modules.

anotated cxr
Lines and Tubes on Chest X-Ray

Rapid recognition of incorrect placement of devices, lines, or tubes is a key skill and vital to ensuring patient safety. This package covers airway management devices, vascular lines, pleural drains, cardiac conduction devices and nasogastric tubes seen on chest X-rays.

anotated cxr
Nasogastric Tube Positioning on Chest X-rays

Feeding a patient through a misplaced NG tube is a "never-event". This curated collection of real-world cases provides a study-list of NG Tube insertion chest X-rays helping reporters confirm tube position and determine whether or not it's safe to feed the patient.

Tuberculosis on Chest X-rays

Tuberculosis is a highly infectious disease and its diagnosis relies on chest X-rays. This package helps explain the pathogenesis of TB, its appearance on radiographs and offers guidance on features to consider that differentiate latent and active TB infection.

malignancy options
Pulmonary Nodules on CT

This package offers guidance in recognising subpleural and perifissural lymph nodes to help you confidently recognise these benign nodules and so recommend the correct follow-up investigation for those nodules which do not present as typical.

fracture x-ray
Fractures of the Upper Limb

This package contains a collection of normal and abnormal musculoskeletal plain radiographs with a focus on fractures and dislocations of shoulder, elbow, wrist and hands. It includes adult and paediatric example cases, with guidance on identifying common injuries.

fracture x-ray
Fractures of the Lower Limb

Covering pelvis, hip, proximal femur, knee, ankle and foot fractures and dislocations, this package contains a series of musculoskeletal plain radiographs. It explains normal anatomy in adults and children, with recommendations of how best to diagnose common injuries.

anotated ct scan
Acute CT Head

A head CT is the most common referral of cross-sectional imaging made by emergency departments. This package provides teaching and training using unenhanced CT images with examples of common abnormalities such as ischaemia, haemorrhage and space occupying lesions.

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Prostate mpMRI Training

Developed in collaboration with Prostate Cancer UK and expert uro-radiologists, this package provides content focused on the interpretation and reporting of prostate multiparametric MRI scans. This produces a more detailed picture of the prostate gland.

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Breast Imaging Training

In collaboration with the National Breast Imaging Academy, this package is a valuable resource to support those training in breast imaging, such as radiology trainees, particularly those sitting the FRCR 2B, as well as breast clinicians and advanced practitioner/consultant radiographers.

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SuppoRTT in Radiology

Supported Return to Training is an initiative by Health Education England to help trainees return to training after time away from practice. Our SuppoRTT package content is curated to build confidence in radiology reporting skills in a safe, but real-world-like setting.

COVID virus model
COVID-19 Chest CT and X-ray

Our COVID-19 content is for healthcare professionals wishing to accurately diagnose COVID-19 on chest X-ray and CT scans. It trains users to identify the presence and severity of the infection, and to differentiate these from other conditions that may present in a similar fashion.

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RAIQC works with numerous partners and collaborators to produce content and to offer services to those involved with interpretation of medical images. We're always intested in potential collaborations, so if you'd like to work with RAIQC, please contact us.

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