Pulmonary Nodules on CT Learn how to provide precision diagnosis for pulmonary nodules discovered on CT

A pulmonary nodule is a round area that is denser than normal lung tissue. Chest CT is a critical tool in the assessment of pulmonary nodules. Its high contrast enables the highly sensitive identification of pulmonary nodules and it excellently demonstrates nodule characteristics, location and (with multiple studies over time) evolution. 

Designed for healthcare professionals responsible for interpreting CTs for pulmonary nodules, this package introduces the approach to this interpretation and nodule assessment and the British Thoracic Society (BTS) guidelines, which are the key guidance for this process. Training cases allow you to build your skills in assessing nodules and applying the guidelines. Finally, the assessment cases enable you to test and demonstrate your abilities.

Upon completion of the modules, reporting statistics are calculated and certificates can be downloaded or shared as evidence of your continuous professional development.

Key objectives:

  • Learn how to assess pulmonary nodules on CT, applying the BTS guidelines
  • Develop skills in interpretation and practice Brock model calculations
  • Understand the features which help discriminate benign from potentially malignant nodules and the steps that should be taken next
  • Earn CPD points at your own pace

This package includes the following modules:

  • 2

    Pulmonary Nodules on CT - Educational content

    Teaching material explaining the systematic approach of nodule assessment based on the British Thoracic Society guidelines

  • 6 58

    Pulmonary Nodules on CT - Training cases

    A series of chest CT cases asking you to categorise lung nodules and recommend next steps, with immediate feedback provided on each case.

  • 10 111 10h

    Pulmonary Nodules on CT - Assessment cases

    Test and evidence how well you can categorise nodules on CT scans, with a summary of your accuracy provided on module completion. 

Modules within this package can be completed in any order

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Package Summary

  • Pulmonary Nodules on CT
  • Created 21 April, 2023
    Last updated 1 November, 2023 Apr 21
  • Module types included:

    • Educational content 1
    • Training 2
  • Training and assessment cases 169
  • CPD points available 18