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"A flight simulator for image interpretation"

RAIQC—the Report and Image Quality Control tool—provides radiologists, clinicians, radiographers, and nurses with everything needed to improve medical image reporting skills in a secure, anonymised web-based environment. It replicates real-world situations and offers structured reporting study lists to learn, train, and assess skills across a range of techniques, pathologies and procedures.
Chest X-ray


Medical imaging such X-rays, CT and MRI scans play a key role in the diagnosis and management of a wide range of conditions from trauma to cancer. Currently, a wide variety of medical professionals such as nurses, radiographers and doctors review this imaging. But, there is no standardised quality assurance tool to teach, train, and audit performance and provide feedback. That's where RAIQC comes in …

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RAIQC is a clinical simulation platform for medical imaging that offers high quality teaching, training and assessment for anyone involved in reporting on medical images. It helps to equip practitioners with the skills they need to make quicker and more accurate diagnosis which leads to prompt treatment of medical conditions.

The Team

Based at Oxford University Hospitals, the team behind RAIQC have many years of medical and technical expertise. This experience has ensured that the RAIQC platform is the first to have been clinically validated and receive governance approval within the NHS at the highest risk area of never events.


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Available Packages

RAIQC has content to cover medical image reporting across a variety of abnormalities, disease areas, and clinical procedures. You can view our available packages here