Prostate mpMRI Training Help ensure the best outcome for patients with suspected prostate cancer

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Developed in collaboration with Prostate Cancer UK and expert uroradiologists, this package provides content focused on the interpretation and reporting of prostate multiparametric MRI scans. 

For some time, high-quality multiparametric (mp) MRI before biopsy has been part of a diagnostic pathway for suspected prostate cancer and is seen as important in ensuring the best outcome for all affected patients. It was recommended that radiologists who report mpMRI scans should undertake at least 100 scans before reporting independently, and will need to report 250 scans a year to be considered an expert1. This package can be used to support these aims.  

There are multiple modules, each with 25 curated cases, that form a comprehensive package of training material enabling you to improve your mpMRI diagnosis skills. The cases include teaching notes that explain any diagnosis so as to confirm what you may already know, or to help fill in any gaps in your knowledge or skillset. 


This package includes the following modules:

  • 5 25

    Prostate mpMRI - Module 1

  • 5 25

    Prostate mpMRI - Module 2

  • 5 25

    Prostate mpMRI - Module 3

  • 5 25

    Prostate mpMRI - Module 4

  • 5 25

    Prostate mpMRI - Module 5

  • 5 24

    Prostate mpMRI - Module 6

  • 5 25

    Prostate mpMRI - Module 7

Modules within this package can be completed in any order

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Package Summary

  • Prostate mpMRI Training
  • Created 21 April, 2023
    Last updated 10 April, 2024 Apr 21
  • Module types included:

    • Training 7
  • Training and assessment cases 174
  • CPD points available 35
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