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Our demo package contains a variety of training modules which offer immediate feedback on diagnostic accuracy. Once you've completed a module, you'll have the option to sign up to RAIQC to review your statistics. By signing up, you will:

  • – have access to freely-availble packages, including COVID-19 X-ray and CT Scan content
  • – gain access to additional teaching material covering a variety of conditions and imaging modalities
  • – earn CPD points when you undertake and complete a module, with certificates to add to your ePortfolio or share with your supervisor

This package includes the following modules:

  • 10 15m

    Demo CXR Training Module

    This is a shortened version of a CXR training module. Training modules provide immediate feedback on each case that's reported on, informing whether or not the correct diagnosis has been made, and offering teaching notes too.

  • 5 15m

    Demo Prostate mpMRI module

    Developed in collaboration with Prostate Cancer UK, our Prostate mpMRI training modules allow reporters to review MRI scans, identify and diagnose any lesion, and then compare their response to expert radiologists and pathology results.

    This demo is a training module, providing immediate feedback to each reported case.

  • Demo Nasogastric Tube Educational Content Module

    This is a demo module showcasing how the educational content is presented on RAIQC, using the nasogastric tube (NGT) on chest radiography as the example. This is a key skill, due to the inherent risk of incorrectly placed NGTs.

    The full educational package contains more information, including complications and some unusual situations.

  • 5 15m

    Demo Nasogastric Tube on Chest X-ray

    This module includes a collection of chest X-ray cases asking you to indicate whether or not it is safe to feed the patient using the nasogastric tube.

  • 5 15m

    Demo Fracture Training Module

    In this module you will be asked to assess whether there is any acute pathology.

Modules within this package can be completed in any order

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Package Summary

  • Demo Modules
  • Created 21 April, 2023
    Last updated 16 June, 2023 Apr 21
  • Module types included:

    • Training 4
    • Educational content 1
  • Training and assessment cases 25