Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Good CPD is not simply the accumulation of credits, but rather about engaging in a broad range of educational activities that maintain and improve the doctor's own knowledge and skills, to provide optimum care for patients.

RAIQC is set up perfectly for you to assess and further develop your skills and techniques while earning CPD points, and can be used in a number of ways suggested as examples of appropriate CPD activities by the RCR and excerpted below:

  • 5.1b Distance learning from suitable online resources … (1 CPD credit is achieved from one hour of learning, additional CPD credit(s) can be earned by completion of a written reflection and impact statement for the activity)
  • 5.10 Self-directed learning (1 CPD credit per hour can be claimed.)
  • 5.11 Completion of a reflective learning and impact record after attending courses or undertaking any professional activity such as […]:
    • Learning a new skill
    • Learning from a discrepancy or error
    (1 CPD credit can be claimed for the completion of the reflective learning and impact record.)

The modules within our packages each have a 'time to complete' associated with them. These times are calculated in accordance to the RCR's Clinical radiology workload: guidance on radiologists’ reporting figures paper, and give an indication of how long a CPD approved activity they each ought to offer.

Module history view

To make it simple to document your CPD activities undertaken within RAIQC, we provide the option to export a record of each module attempt as a certificate. Clicking the 'Details' button alongside any module on your dashboard will give you this option. This can be printed or a secure link copied, ready for adding to your e-portfolio or sharing with a supervisor.

Example certificate