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COVID-19 Content Now Available

Our COVID-19 training and assessment modules offer the chance to identify occurrences of COVID-19 against other abnormalities in dozens of real-world cases.

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Report and Image Quality Control is an educational platform for healthcare professionals to improve their medical image reporting skills in a secure and anonymised web-based environment.


Real-world Cases

Using carefully curated cases, RAIQC offers modules covering a wide variety of pathologies and procedures, from diagnosing lung cancer to indentifying nasogastric tube position.

Online Medical Image Viewer

RAIQC’s web-based DICOM viewer provides tools similar to those of a traditional PACS workstation, enabling full interaction with diagnostic quality imaging of various modalities.


Teaching, Training, Assessment

Whether you’re a student new to reporting or an experienced consultant, RAIQC has content and features relevant to all stages of your career.

Peer Comparison

RAIQC lets you compare your reporting skills to that of your peers. Top of the class or room for improvement? Anonymously discover where you sit.


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If you would like to learn more, please get in touch: info@raiqc.com

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