RAIQC News - RAIQC wins UKRI funding to help deploy AI into the NHS

RAIQC wins UKRI funding to help deploy AI into the NHS

29 June 2023

RAIQC is pleased to announce our success in winning an award from UK Research & Innovation (UKRI) to help accelerate the deployment of medical AI tools to healthcare providers including the NHS. RAIQC is one of 42 successful organisations, announced recently by the Secretary of State for Science, Innovation and Technology, Chloe Smith, sharing a total of £2m funding for an initial scoping and feasibility study which will deliver this summer. If successful, RAIQC will apply for additional funding to implement this capability.

Over recent years, several artificial intelligence (AI) systems have been developed to aid with medical image interpretation. However, despite a number of systems being commercially available, their adoption into clinical practice has been slow. One reason for this is that development and validation of AI algorithms is a time- consuming process. Moreover, to gain widespread adoption, clinical staff need to be trained in the use of these AI tools and there are currently no tools available to provide hands-on training for this.

RAIQC Ltd has already developed a web-based clinical simulation platform with combines DICOM viewing capability with structured reporting and annotation tools. The platform has been used to perform validation studies on several AI algorithms, both for commercial and academic partners. Through the project, RAIQC aims to further enhance this platform into a single solution that can address all the above market needs and accelerate the adoption of AI algorithms into clinical practice. The platform would be a game changer for medical imaging AI and allow RAIQC to position itself as the leading provider of activities in this area.

UKRI said: “UKRI is pleased to announce the Accelerating trustworthy AI: Phase 1 feasibility study competition winners as part of the BridgeAI programme, funded through the UKRI Technology Missions, designed to exploit the UK’s global leadership in transformative technologies to help solve specific problems, whilst also helping cement that leading position. Overall, UKRI is investing £250 million in Technology Missions to enable new and existing capabilities and capacity in artificial intelligence, quantum technologies and engineering biology in the years 2023-2025 and beyond. 42 projects are currently working to accelerate the adoption of trusted and responsible Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies by reducing bottlenecks during development and deployment of such technologies and making important steps to the realisation of the potential of AI.”

Cosmin Mihaiu, Operations Lead at RAIQC said “We are delighted to receive this project award from UKRI. RAIQC strongly believe we have developed great platform with the ability to share and annotate medical images. Through this award we hope to support UK companies in moving their products though the development pipeline and ultimately secure their adoption and acceptance within healthcare providers internationally. Over this summer we will be working with both SMEs and large enterprises to deliver this project.”

For more information about RAIQC see: www.raiqc.com 

For more information about UKRI see: www.ukri.org


RAIQC is a web-based platform that simulates day-to-day practice, allowing healthcare professionals, students and educators to review and report on diagnostic quality medical images in a secure online environment. Using over 6000 real-world clinical cases, RAIQC offers structured reporting study lists for training and assessment for individuals and healthcare providers across a range of imaging modalities and disease areas. The platform also provides hosting for clinical research and AI validation studies that require review of medical imaging.

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