NG Tubes Package

RAIQC reporting view

47% of NG tube never-events involve misread X-rays

RAIQC can help address the Care Quality Commission requirement for organisations to provide structured training for NG tube interpretation.

  1. Review NG-tube X-rays
  2. Mark location of feeding tube
  3. Determine if ‘safe to feed’

NHS Improvement classifies feeding through a misplaced nasogastric tube as a "never-event"(2), and this is a subject of an ongoing patient safety alert(3). The correct position of the nasogastric tube can be identified by taking a chest X-ray that shows the tube location, however the misreading of such X-rays is the most common reason for misplaced tube not to be identified.

There is a requirement within NHS organisations that feeding tube X-rays are interpreted only by staff specifically trained to do so but there is no tool available to ensure standardised training and assessment.

The RAIQC platform has a nasogastric tube package that delivers training and assessment to radiologists, and also governance documents ready for adoption by organisations within and outwith the NHS in the UK and internationally too.

Our curated collection of cases provides a real-world study-list of NG Tube insertion chest X-rays, requiring reporters to review each X-ray before marking the position of the feeding tube and determining whether or not it's safe to feed the patient.

Research(4) has shown that expected targets for competence in reporting of nasogastric tube position are not being met and require improvement. Upon completion of our NG Tube training and assessment modules, reporting statistics are calculated, and a certificate can be downloaded or shared so as to show competence in interpretation of nasogastric tube X-rays.