COVID-19 Package

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Can you detect COVID-19?

Enhanced Online Chest X-Ray Training for Frontline NHS Staff

  1. Test your chest X-ray skills and anonymously compare yourself with peers
  2. Learn to distinguish COVID-19 from other respiratory conditions
  3. Export certificate to your portfolio for a WBA or CPD credit

Identifying COVID-19 infection on chest X-ray images remains a critically important diagnostic skill in the acute healthcare setting. A chest X-ray may be the first investigation result available in the assessment of a patient presenting with respiratory compromise, and is important in detecting other causes for the presentation such as bacterial pneumonia, pneumothorax and heart failure.

Whilst the diagnosis of COVID-19 on chest X-ray requires specialist training and can be difficult even for experienced clinicians, as COVID-19 clinical pathways begin to integrate with standard practices and pre-pandemic ways of working it becomes ever more important for frontline clinicians to be able to safely identify and isolate individuals with COVID-19 infection from the rest of the acute patient cohort.

Using real life cases, experts at Oxford University Hospitals have created a free resource to provide focused COVID-19 chest X-ray training for frontline clinicians. The package provides teaching on recognising COVID-19 infection and differentiating it from other common pathologies that may be encountered in an acute setting. The training is delivered via an easy to use PACS-like image viewer and a reporting simulator, with instant feedback on accuracy to reinforce learning.

We will be using anonymised data to assess improvement in the diagnostic accuracy of users undertaking this training. Pilot data from Oxford University Hospitals show that clinicians who undertake this training show a significant improvement.