The world-renowned team at RAIQC work with a number of national and international organisations to curate real-world cases into packages of content to help ensure that you can focus your ongoing learning on a particular abnormality, disease area, or procedure. Packages can include teaching, training, and assessement modules, together with slide decks where appropropriate. 

Once you're signed into your account, packages can be added to your account via the packages page. Availability to some modules is limited. Please contact RAIQC to discuss details on how to access additional content. 

View of CXR case

COVID-19 Chest X-ray

This package has three modules comprising COVID-19, normal, and non-COVID-19 cases. You will be required to complete an initial assessment followed by a training module and a final assessment. Each module contains 30 cases each and the total time to complete the package is around 2 hours.

Example view of a device training module case

Medical Student Package

Teaching material together with training and assessment modules covering a variety of pathologies and procedures, specially curated for students. 

View of CXR case

Chest X-ray

Training and Assessment modules for CXRs. Possible abnormalities include cancer, nodules, ILD, and infection.

Nasogastric Tube

Training and assessment modules for correct identification of nasogastric tube tip position.

Fracture X-ray


A collection of musculoskeletal plain radiographs with fractures and dislocations mixed with normal films.

Pulmonary nodule reporting view

CT Pulmonary nodules

A module that asks reporters to access the likelihood of a nodule being malignant, and then recommend any follow-up treatment.